Model Based Vehicles

3D Model Based Vehicles.
Why functionalities does our Vehicle Plugin have?
  • Cars, Planes, Bikes, Boats & Helicopters.
  • Real moving wheels!
  • Upgradeable vehicles.
  • Sound that horn, or drift with your vehicle.
  • Drive up on slabs & full blocks.
  • All the vehicles have a realistic momentum, to make them move as realistic as possible.
  • A garage menu to store your vehicles in.
  • A vehicle shop menu to buy your vehicles, with customizations options like color.
  • A fuel system, refuel your vehicles if it's time to, otherwise they will stop moving.

Where can I get a vehicle?

Vehicles can be purchased at spawn in the Car Dealership, Runway / Helipad Area, and Docks.

How do I spawn my vehicle?

You can spawn your vehicle by right clicking an existing garage block. These blocks are commonly displayed as redstone blocks on the ground. You can craft your own garage block by utilizing the following crafting recipe.

How do I enter my vehicle?

In order to enter a vehicle you must shift right-click near the center of the model until a GUI opens up. Once this GUI opens press the unlock vehicle option, then you can enter the vehicle.


Gas is an important feature in order to allow your car to continue to run. You can find the crafting recipe for a gas can in the Electricity & Oil Recipes section. In order to fill up your car, hold a gas can and shift right click the vehicle.