Basic Commands for players. These are primarily commands for non-standalone features.


ImperiumMC features a multitude of channels when it comes to chatting. This can make it rather complicated when switching between channels. Direct Commands: - /g Global Chat - /l Local Chat (All players in a 50 block radius can hear you) - /rp Roleplay Chat Nations Chats: (Restricted to Citizens of the Nation) - /ve Valois Empire - /usi USI - /ba Bavarian Kaiserreich
The following form of entering a chat based command will switch your chat
channel in full. All your messages will send through that channel.
The following execution of the command sends messages based on the channel
it will not change your default channel
/g Hello everyone this is global chat!
You can still see chat from all channels you have access too, even when selecting a specific channel.

RolePlay Character

You are able to view and your own RP character by doing /char . You can create one by doing /character set and selecting the categories you would like to edit. Once a RP profile is setup, your RP name will display in RP chat.
/character set name John Doe
/char set name John Doe