By default, players can buy and sell pieces of land as they please as long as it complies with the laws of the nation it is in, and the server rules.
You can purchase a piece of land from a player, or directly from the government. Sales can occur either directly between players, or through a sell, or rent sign.
[buy] | Region name | Price
[rent] | Region Name | Duration | Price
Possible rent durations:x second(s), x minute(s), x hour(s), x day(s), x week(s), x month(s), x year(s)
The price can be anything as long as it is without a currency next to it.
On the left is the format you are supposed to follow when creating the signs. On the right, how the sign should end up looking is demonstrated.
You can only sell or rent out regions that you own.
You cannot delete a sale or rent sign yourself. You have to create an ingame support ticket for a staff member to remove it.