Governments are always watching but no one wants to be Nationless!

Our Nations

Valois Empire

Valois is an island empire that was formed from the remnants of the Valentian Empire. It is based on the Napoleonic France government and is located in the northeast of the map. The nation is led by Emperor Rusty0001 and its national goals focus on establishing a secure and stable empire for its citizens, promoting financial development, and fostering positive foreign relations. In Valois, advancement is based on skill and ability rather than popularity. The nation has a rich culture and history that offers a unique experience to its citizens due to the nature of its system. The government structure follows the principles of the Napoleonic France government, with an emperor as the head of state, and governors appointed by the emperor managing their respective provinces. The legislative power is in the hands of the emperor, the consul, and the senate.
The Valois military follows a structure similar to that of the Napoleonic France military, with a focus on discipline, organization, and efficiency. As a citizen of Valois, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the nation and advance your skills and abilities. Click Here for Discord

Union of Syndicalist Islands

The Union of Syndicalist Islands is a Federation of syndicalist and market democratic socialist islands united in ideals of egalitarianism and equality of opportunity for all! Jobs in the USI range from local government officials to cooperative workers, to members of the federal government! You can form your own cooperative business or even help your local community with their militia! The USI highly of off-irl government systems as well as socialist theory. Join today for a fulfilling rp experience and bring about your own destiny! Click Here for Discord

Bavarian Kaiserreich

The Bavarian Kaiserreich is an Imperial Monarchy located on the northwest island of the map. It is based on the German Empire, both architecturally, militarily, politically, and culturally. The government is ran by 2 Kaisers, Kaiser Nicholas Romanov II (NicholasRomanov) and Kaiser Johnathon Romanov (Temqest) . Barons and/or Baronesses are appointed by the Kaisers, having jurisdiction in their state. Parliament is elected via regional elections per state, and the Chancellor is elected as the head of the Parliament by the parliament itself. Our military is based off of the Imperial German/Prussian military, with all soldiers wearing a Pickelhaube helmet. The Bavarian Kaiserreich has opportunities for everyone, from Businessman to Soldier, from Firefighter to Chancellor. Tritt heute bei!