ImperiumMC Features a custom advanced & Business plugin.

Main Features

The company and stock market plugin provides various features that allow users to create and manage companies, subsidiaries, and stocks. In terms of creating a company, users can create a company with a fee, create a corporation with a larger fee and have branch companies(Only for Corporations), set the company nationality and tax brackets based on the CEO's role, set a salary amount and permissions for each role in the company, link Ultimate Shops sale profits to company balances, and deposit money into the company bank. Users can also disband a company, set the location of the HQ, and list all the employees of a company. The plugin also allows users to purchase or merge companies, create subsidiaries, and participate in the stock market. The CEO can confirm the purchase or sale of a company, set how many stocks/shares a company has along with its IPO price for the first release to the public, set the price of each stock, and enable/disable whether the company is selling stocks. A board of directors is made up of majority shareholders in the company, and users can give someone their stocks. Users can participate in the stock market, receive dividends, and enjoy all the benefits of having stock. Finally, the plugin can give warnings to the CEO and employees by mailing them if the company balance does not have enough money to pay its employees, among other features.