Item Shops

Item shops on the server can be done through any slab, although it must be a bottom slab.
You need to have atleast one of the item that you want to sell in your inventory.
To create a slab shop, you can either right click the slab with a stick, or type up the command /ushop create while pointing your cursor at the slab. Either way, it will open the creation menu.
Then, click the item from your inventory that you want to sell.
Next, adjust the quantity you want to sell in, and its prices.
Set the buy/sell price to 0 if you want to disable the buy/sell price.
Alternatively, you can use the following commands to quickly change the shop settings:
/ushop modifyBuyPrice {Price} /ushop modifySellPrice {Price} /ushop modifyQuantity {Quantity} /ushop modifyVendorNote {Message}
Tip: To restock faster, you can punch the slab shop while holding the item it trades. Crouching and punching at the same time will empty your inventory from that item and stock it into the shop quickly.
You may also choose to right-click a chest with a stick. Through that, you'll be able to dump all your stock in the menu that opens up, and that will automatically stock your shops within a 32-block radius with the appropriate items.
Finally, if you want to delete the slab shop, you can do /ushop destroy. All the items stocked within it will be dropped as soon as you destroy the shop. The slab itself will not be removed either.
Warning: Deleting shops cannot be undone.
Last modified 2yr ago