The Imperium staff team regularly updates this wiki in order to ensure the functions and features of the server are well available to all of the players.

What is ImperiumMC?

ImperiumMC is a cutting-edge Minecraft server dedicated to immersive nations role-play. Unlike traditional city and geopolitical servers, we offer a wide range of unparalleled features, including vehicles, guns, firearms, drugs & alcohol, oil, electricity, factories, geopolitics, colonization, and war. These features help create a rich, real-life gaming experience that's second to none.
To get started, players can choose to join any available nation and fully immerse themselves in its economy, politics, community, and development.

How does the server work?

Every player on the server can join any available nation and incorporate themselves into their economy, politics, community, development, and much more!

Not for you?

Alternatively, players can create their own organizations, companies, gangs, or criminal organizations to chart their own course. With so much to discover and explore, ImperiumMC promises an exciting journey for players seeking a unique and engaging role-playing experience.
Live out an exciting life on ImperiumMC.
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